Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Research Question?

Could "Status" in the United States be "alienating" and "emotional" for immigrants?

Interview Questions?

1.What made you intersting in this career?
2.Do you believe you choosen the right line of work?
3.Why did you come to the United States to pursue this career?
4. Do you feel that you made the right choice pursing your career in the United States rather than your own country?
5.Is it the difference in pay that made you come to the United States?
6. Do you believe that your career gives you status in this society rather in your own country?
7. Do you feel that you are alienated from the other workers due to your race? Why? Don't you and the other workers hold the same title?
8. What type of emotional labor do your come with?
9. Is your job in any way physical, emotional labor to your health? In what way is it?
10. Are you proud to tell people what you do for a living? Why because your feel it gives you "status"?

There will be other follow up questions as i go on .

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I believe that everyone is part of globalization whether they realize it or not. I didnt pay any attention to this issue until i took this class. This issue is very important and should be brought to everyones attention. I always saw items that i brought say made in china never thought nothing of it. I just thought the item was cheaper because it was made in china. By seeing the film mardi gradi made in china ready makes you see how hard these factory workers work. This issue makes me feel like am taking things for granted. This issue ready open my eyes to what really goes on in the third world countries.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is work? he is trying to say that work hasn't began yet. not because we as people are looking for a job know what work is. not because u have a job know what is. I believe is when we the people are doing more than one thing. He mentions that the brother is so tried from working going to school and singing. people who are ready to give up by getting rejected doesn't know what work is. work is something you go after whether we want to do it or not cause we have to make a living. anyone who knows work will go after it until they accomplish what they want and they know that they work hard for it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

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Working and Gender i did when i was growing up. I used to see my father go to work when my mother would stay home and take care of me and my brother. While growing up I thought that was normal for women to stay home cook and clean and take care of the children. My mother stayed at home with us for a couple of years then she when to work. My mother used to take of elderly patients. My father was a seaman always traveling. I really didnt look at what positions men or women did until i joined the work in my last year of high school. I work in a department store for a couple of months as a sales girl. Now when i look back the women would be on the sales floor helping customers when the men would be at the back unloading the trucks. Looking back gender did play a role in our life. Before only women would become nurses now today you see men as a nurse. I guess while growing up men had to do mucho men work when the women did women duties like cook and clean.