Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Research Question?

Could "Status" in the United States be "alienating" and "emotional" for immigrants?

Interview Questions?

1.What made you intersting in this career?
2.Do you believe you choosen the right line of work?
3.Why did you come to the United States to pursue this career?
4. Do you feel that you made the right choice pursing your career in the United States rather than your own country?
5.Is it the difference in pay that made you come to the United States?
6. Do you believe that your career gives you status in this society rather in your own country?
7. Do you feel that you are alienated from the other workers due to your race? Why? Don't you and the other workers hold the same title?
8. What type of emotional labor do your come with?
9. Is your job in any way physical, emotional labor to your health? In what way is it?
10. Are you proud to tell people what you do for a living? Why because your feel it gives you "status"?

There will be other follow up questions as i go on .

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  1. Great questions! I think you're ready to do the interview.